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Hotzonne is the most dynamic networking platform ever assembled. The platform-based internet company offers various websites and mobile applications to fit the needs of everyone.

Posted September 9,2020 in Start-up.

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There are nearly seven (7) billion people on the planet. Almost all at some point in their lives have dreamed of stardom. In the past, the opportunity for fame was limited to those living in major industrialized cities such as New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. With the emergence of reality television and talent shows such as America’s Next Top Model, American Idol, and X-Factor, people from selected locations outside of industrial cities now had an opportunity to shine. With the introduction of and the high popularity of social media, even YouTube and Myspace have produced a few talented artists. In Early 2012, the idea of an internet company that would support networkers, businesses, and talented artists came into mind. The goal was to create a multi-prong networking platform that would support global networking while inspiring and assisting undiscovered entertainers worldwide, easing access to the previously difficult to reach entertainment industry like never before. From this idea, Hotzonne (Hotzonne, LLC) was born!

Hotzonne, LLC is the largest, most unique internet company available, designed for everyone. We spearhead our release with the release of Hotzonne, our dynamic entertainment networking website, designed to support and inspire undiscovered entertainers. Combined with Hotzonne Entertainment’s release, the release of Xnfinity Records, our independent ‘Push’ recording label, and Zonne Magazine, the first magazine dedicated to undiscovered talent, the ever-expanding, dynamic internet company is poised to strike a mighty blow into both the entertainment and social media markets.

Become a part of a new generation of networkers, the Hotzonne Generation!

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September 9,2020

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